The end begins around us.
The signs are too clear to deny.
As a new millennium begins,
once faint hoof beats become clearer.
An impassable void’s creation.
Between overlords and consumer drones.
Rushes towards its completion.
The constitution’s ablaze.

Freakishness becomes normalcy,
the inverse of morality.
Abominations praised,
and met with open arms.

Rome and Babylon’s rise,
nears its final stage.
Conform, accept in silence,
or die in the mob’s rage.
Hostility generated from above.
Victims pitted against each other.

Attention’s diverted away,
from the actual antagonists.
Afflict with sickness to enforce their cure,
synthetic peace carved out of madness.
Is the stage set,
for the demonic tyrant’s rise?
More and more technology seems geared,
to divide, monitor and terrorize.

Personal freedoms surrendered.
The means for self-defense given away.
Marshall law in a new empire.
Caesar takes his throne.

Contain, control, to dominate.
Contain, control, exterminate.